1. Open Secret

From the recording Open Secret


That first impossible ride
Was lined with love and laughter
I thought happy ever after
Was the only way to be
Perhaps I drove with undue care
The warning sign was always there
By electing to ignore it
I would pay a heavy forfeit

My rationale remains closed to me
Your reputation was an open secret
You were just what you were supposed to be
I've only myself to blame
I knew what it was coming to
Your reputation was an open secret
For everything they said was true
I've only myself to blame

Against all possible odds
I struggled for a breakthrough
But my efforts to remake you
Were just debris on the track
The more we'd hurtle round and round
The more I'd wish for solid ground
When you'd finished with the fun part
I was taken to the junk yard

Round crags and dangerous hairpin bends
Each one: proclaiming "It's the end!"
I finished up out there
Where I'd never meant to go.
But though the destination's wrong.
I'll be off before too long.
For the journey is the game
I wanna play it again.

© 2020 Edwin Coutts