UK Top 10 - 19th Sept 1980 

Here's my review of the Top Ten selling singles in the UK this week in 1980. As my basis I use the popular and long-running BBC radio programme Pick of the Pops.

In 1981 Vienna by Ultravox was held off the number 1 spot by Joe Dolce's Shaddup Ya Face. By no means is that the only occasion when numbers 1 and 2 are unjustly the wrong way round. "One Day I'll Fly Away" is wistful, beautifully-arranged and sung with great yearning by Randy Crawford. On the other hand the Number 1 "Feels Like I'm In Love" is a…

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UK Top 10 - 12th Sept 1987 

These were the Top Ten selling singles in the UK this week in 1987. I've evaluated each song for its quality (a not entirely subjective exercise) and legacy (whether it has fallen into obscurity, unjustly or not.) For simplicity the grading is purely binary:

"Don't bore us get to the chorus" is an old adage in the pop industry. It doesn't apply to U2 at number 4. Bono doesn't sing a note until 1'46". That way he leaves room for one of the great atmospheric openings of any single (and album). Great song…

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