1. Heaven in me

From the recording Heaven in me


Cherry blossom everywhere
Lilac voices fill the air
With peace. An unfamiliar peace.
Watercolours gold and blue
Differ from the point of view
Of those left behind me.

Some of them were sceptical
The risk was unacceptable
If only they could see where hope can lead

It's better than I ever could hope it would be
It's brighter than the sun it's as wide as the sea
Never did I think in my wildest of dreams
You'd fulfil the heaven in me
You would be the heaven in me

Pacing mute by oceans edge
I embrace the solemn pledge
That soon you will make to me
Safe within your loving hand
I survey the glory land
That they'll never witness

Some of them, from idle fear
Said this is not a good idea
If only they could see where love can lead

And as the sun ascends politely
I see a shadow of unrest
Must daylight bring to mind
All that we've left behind?
I know we did this for the best.

Though I feel some regret
I won't be too upset
For now I know where hope and love can lead

© 2020 Edwin Coutts