UK Top 10 - 19th Sept 1980

Here's my review of the Top Ten selling singles in the UK this week in 1980. As my basis I use the popular and long-running BBC radio programme Pick of the Pops.

In 1981 Vienna by Ultravox was held off the number 1 spot by Joe Dolce's Shaddup Ya Face. By no means is that the only occasion when numbers 1 and 2 are unjustly the wrong way round. "One Day I'll Fly Away" is wistful, beautifully-arranged and sung with great yearning by Randy Crawford. On the other hand the Number 1 "Feels Like I'm In Love" is a screeching post-Disco bore. (Writer Ray Dorsett also wrote 1970's In The Summertime, which has the same simple 12 bar chord progression.) Some peculiar records topped the chart in 1980.

Twenty years before Destiny's Child extolled the virtues of being Independent Women, Scotland's Sheena EastonĀ  proclaimed herself a Modern Girl. She had two big, catchy hits in 1980, neither of which gets heard nowadays. It's a fun song. Listen out for the clunky magazine/tangerine rhyme.

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